The 9 Most Common Questions Beginner Technical Writers Ask About Landing a Job

By Robin G. Coles

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Starting out in a new job is hard enough, beginning a new career as a technical writer also has its challenges. These 9 Questions & Answers will set you on your path to landing that job interview, having the writing samples necessary and a few tips once you get the job. 

These are the same questions that

  • Come up during my classes. 
  • Pop up in forums and talking to other technical writers.
Plus a few I ask every manager that I’ve worked with.

And techniques I personally use on job interviews.

Answers to a Few Q&A

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Answer 6

A: Gives advice for someone starting out as a technical writer

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Answer 4

A: Gives you an idea of how to get those writing samples you need for a job interview

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Answer 9

A: Gives you an idea on how to distinguish yourself from other job candidates

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About the Author

Hi, I'm Robin G Coles, a strategist, technical writer and trainer for a variety of industries. I have over 30 years experience in software. The last 15 as a technical writer where I create, replace and update documents and writing travel articles. Plus teach writing practice classes.

My passions are sailing, walking the beach, and helping technical writers get the samples and skills they need.